Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well, okaayyy. This is NOT quite the blog I meant to post...that I really wanted to post, but the past few days have been kinda nutty, which is kinda normal, but they were also extraordinarily busy. It's been fun but time just got away from me. But I DO have something to share and I promise that Friday, after I go see the new Disney Nature movie:
African Cats
that I will get with it and will be ready for my Saturday post.
K, so the kid is 13 and I'm thinkin' maybe he's outgrown stuffed bunnies and candy-filled eggs and straw I took a minute today and put together a 'man-boy' basket that I really think he's gonna enjoy and will use for months/years to come.

So I started with a $3 turquoise flower pot from Wal-Mart!! The kid LOVES his cactus and is always begging for another one, so I got him some seeds so he can grow his own and at the same time work on earning a merit badge or he likes cucumbers so I got some of those seeds and we're gonna build another square foot garden and grow us some cukes!

and oh my Heavens...I LOVE love love me some Dove chocolate so when I saw their bunnies, I didn't even hesitate. I got one for my basket, too!! Plus I got him some Jif smooth peanut butter...mmmm...I love dipping my chocolate into peanut butter...I just do. Hope the kid enjoys it, too...I'm sure he will since this is the only sweet treat he's getting...

and Batteries...this kid goes through batteries like no other...wii, X-Box, etc...and lookit, this one comes with a mini screwdriver...cuz you always need a bitty screwdriver. It looks like a battery!!

and, anyone who has a man-boy in their house just knows that personal hygiene is of utmost concern!! So we have here some shampoo/conditioner and Body AND mouth wash! Yay!!

Popcorn is something we CANNOT live without in our it's only natural that it's goin' in the basket...and since we've both done so well on the South Beach Diet, we aren't gonna blow it so we picked out the 94% fat free kind! It's not soo bad with a light spray of butter-flavored Pam and some kosher salt and a bit of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. And gum...gotta have gum.

And one last thing: A flashlight...why a flashlight, you ask? Well, I figured that the whole traditional Easter egg hunt is a little too...urm...adolescent maybe, so I decided that this year I'm gonna kick it up a notch and make him find the eggs at night!! I think it'll be a tonna fun!!

We took 5 sheets of some green Bazzill cardstock and ran 'em through the shredder...

...and crinkled 'em up, and we've got some fairly eco-friendly basket grass. We'll be using this for the Pulp and Paper merit badge and will make a new piece of paper out of it. The hubs is the merit badge counselor for that badge...must be a Bazzill thing.

So I stuffed it all into the 'basket' that will serve as a nice place for the kids' cactuses (cacti?) to live until he designs and builds a corner garden for them to live in guessed it...another merit badge. He's very motivated and wants to earn his Eagle before age 15. I dig that!

I'll probably add some things while he's not looking'...just for fun!!
'till next time...