Wednesday, August 31, 2011

K, sooo, somewhere on the net I saw a cute wreath covered in book pages with a little blue birdie and it stayed in my head for a long long time...with a gazillion other things like shopping lists, appointments, other crafty things and such. Then one day, I found myself at the Dollar Tree in the aisle with all the wreaths and fake birdies...

...and so I thought I might just get it outta my head once and for all, so I grabbed a wreath and some fake birdies and, well...a box of gumballs and off I went to go tear up a book and get my crafty on!

Found an old book (sorry Harry Potter fans...) and some Rust-oleum ultra cover paint in Aqua...and a big ole drop cloth. So I started by tearing the pages outta the book then ripped em in half long ways so each piece wound up with a straight-ish edge and a jaggedy edge. I like the jaggedy edge showing so when I started attaching the pages, I overlapped and covered the straight-ish edge. Whatevs, it your own way. So on I went, wrapping pages around, gluing them on 'till I got the whole thing done and showed the hubs how cute it was and he hated it...whaaa? But it looked just like it did in my head where it lived with all those cute crafts I still need to make. He said it looked kinda plain and asked me didn't I have some cute scrapbook paper. Ha! DO I!?! I surely I finished that one and started on a new one after another trip to the Dollar Tree...I needed more gumballs, anyway.

So I tore up the cute scrapbook paper and when I was getting the papers out, I saw my container of Glimmer Mist and I grabbed a Caribbean Blue, Tattered Leather and Crushed Shell and blended that with Tiger Lily and WOW! Lookit how awesome those pages look now. Ya can't see it but they're all sparkly, too! Tattered Angels...much love to you. I stuck with the scrapbook paper cuz I just tore like 4 sheets worth of s.e.i Hippie Chick flashy flowers, so I'ma use 'em... there's the book page version and the paper version, but whoopsie...mah paper ripped...dang it!

No biggie...I just crumpled it all up before I wrapped and then I whipped out my trusty that thing. If it can't be fixed with a glue gun I do not need it in my house. Period. I wrapped and overlapped and glued and squished and set the wreath aside for a sec. to go paint the birdie blue.

Then I yanked the little birdies eyes out and replaced them with some clear Bazzill self-adhesive jewels...cuz the ones they came with just looked a little urm...not sparkly enough. But sooo cute he is now. To spray I just used some leftover foam from a thrift store chair re-do I did the other day for an upcoming photo shoot and stuck the birdie in it so I could spray the paint all over the birdie instead of on me...and speaking of photo shoot... lil' smootchie-pootchie Bear was my helper today, makin' sure there was enough cute in my pictures...good job, boy...anyway, here's a blue birdie falling in love with his new house...let 'em hang out for a minute while you bussout your Cricut Expression, or whatever else ya got...plain ole scissors work just fine, too. Just draw a flower shape then cut it out. That's what I did on the book page one. It's pretty old school, I know but that's how I roll sometimes. Other times, I roll this-a-way:

I used the Accent Essentials cassette from ProvoCraft (accent 31s) and my largest flower was 4 1/2" then 3 1/2" then 2 1/2" then 1 1/2" and I cut 'em right outta that same cute paper (so now we're up to 4 sheets...just I cut out one 4 1/2" flower then three of all the other sizes) and crumpled 'em up good.

...and here we are. The solid colored back side is awesome. Mix and match which side you have showing when you assemble the flowers. Glue globs from a glue gun are perfect to stick 'em together. I made three total. One big boy and two the smaller ones were only as big as the 3 1/2" flower. Glue the big flower on first then have the other two snuggle up with it. Oh! Wait-Wait! For the centers, I poked a hole in the middle of the big one and stuck in a green Bazzill Brad but then that was kinda more work than I wanted so I happened to have a pile of dangle balls from some large white Bazzill Pom-Poms that I'm using for a cute fabric banner for the same aforementioned photo shoot, but that I had to cut off to be able to put the fabric yah...I just popped 'em on with another glue glob. Piece-uh-cake!

On the top one, I added some Bazzill Jewel Buttons for the centers and a small fabric flower folded in half for the birdies wing. The birdies have some wires stuck into the bottom of their little birdie feet so I just jammed 'em in between the flowers and glue-gunned his little body to the wreath...yaaaay! Lookie lookie! The hubs was right! I like the book pages one just fine, 'specially hanging by some red ribbon, but the bottom one sure is festive! Bring on the Springtime! Now I just gotta find something else to do with all the left-over pages of Harry Potter...Mod Podge, here I come!!

UPDATE!!! I was just playing around on Pinterest and found where I saw this!!!
Ya gotta go check her out! She's got the most amazing tutorial for an awesome duvet cover, too!!!

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