Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, I love my mac was a rough relationship up until about 2 months ago. crash reports, learning curves...the bill...but now, thanks to my friend, Raquel...I just fell in love with it overnight. it's magical, the things it can do...for example...this flyer: 15 minutes. done. and most of that time was trying to decide on the background paper. Anyway, I'm the Camp Director for my YW and in order for the girls to be able to go and have a ball, we need to raise some funds, so one of the gals in charge, Nicole Brown...hi Nicole!! asked me to donate a photo session. shoot yah! i need all the practice I can get and the more cute kids I get to shoot, the better. plus it's for mah girls, so i'm gonna bake some waffle cookies, too to sell off and i'm gonna slip the secret family recipe into one bag so maybe folks will be inspired to buy more bags o cookies...kinda like the golden ticket in Willie Wonka!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fave of the Week 1-24-11 totally gets this Fave of the week! Go to her website and you will be amazed at the stuff you can get for very little cash. for a little more cash you can take classes and learn how to create some pretty cool things. this is a banner that happened to be on sale (check the site on wednesdays for dollar deals) and i got it for a buck! Had the hubs print it for me at work and cut the bits out while watching the tube, assembled it and then created this little ditty outta the scraps plus one of those wax melting seal making thingies...and OMGeeee...such cuteness! Made a second one and they flank the banners.

So, the wax seal looks like a chewed on wad of gum...but it's still cute! More importantly...just look at that floor that the hubs installed in my crafty is right!

Yay! this is my foyer...what a happy little welcome home. The only bummer is that paint. this foyer needs a makeover...stat! (that's hurry in hospital talk...although, I don't think I've ever heard anyone in the ED say that...ever)

Bonus!! When you print everything out you get two pink, one red so you can alternate the colors, which gives you a second banner! This one is in the window in my awesome crafty room so you can see it from the outside front of the house! And Ikea...really...? Do you hafta make everything so awesome? The mesh curtains...$7 for the pair! One is here as a diffuser and the other is in the guest bedroom to keep with the beachy theme. Love and love!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's official...

I've become "that cat lady". This is Vanessa. a.k.a. number 4. The hubs and the kid found her in a field all sad and abandoned with her face all scratched up. She's such a darling little thing and we love her. At any given moment I will look up and find some or all of my pretty kitties surrounding me like little sentinels protecting me from a variety of bugs and sometimes I think they see things that I don't see. Kinda creepy, actually. This one also makes a lovely's FREEZING back here in my spectacular craft room!! Not that I'm complaining, at all...!!
Oh and it's official also that I now love my Mac. Off I go to rescue the hubs...he left something at home that he needs for work.
MY FAVE OF THE WEEK! Look for it! Right here. Every Monday...I'll even go retroactive and pretend that I thought of this at the beginning of the year!! Pah! Till next time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They laughed...they cried...

This is probably my favorite shot from a recent shoot I did for another awesome family...seriously, I am so blessed to know such wonderful folks...honestly...and here's how I thank them. I make their children cry. See below for happier times. And seriously gorgeous are these kids? I'm tellin' you. Good genes at their finest.
ha! love me some 'tweener shots' ~ shots that happen in between the 'on 3...ready...1 2 3' shots

another tweener



tweener tweener...the last shot of the day, actually. These are reindeer ears. presssh...

...and the dad's face says it all, but if you asked me...this should be the new standard...not so posed is still a tonna fun!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

3 new actions...same cute baby

I think this last one is my fave...

Fall...better late than never?

So I'm allergic to hay and I'm not really a fan of bees flying all around my head, but I had to get right in the middle of this sunflower field to get some shots. I found a clearing that had some bales of hay so I sat down, leaned back, started to compose a shot and watched that little ladybug land right on one of the top was a total perfect moment...until the itching and sneezing started. Then it was time to go pick out our punkins and get some peppers and then go pick some apples and eat apple-y things...I love the fall in AZ and I love Apple Annie's!! Now, I do realize that it's now the end of winter and these shoulda been posted forever ago...but, I got really busy and I still think these are blog-worthy pics so I'm posting them now...what a fun trip this was. I totally love this stage of my life...I've always tried to take the kids to some cool places and to do fun activities...ya know, the hands-on kinda standing an egg on end during the equinox, or driving away from the city lights to catch a meteor shower or to farms to see where their food comes from but the hubs was often too busy working or just too tired to come along. I'm so thankful for the time he has made over the past few years to spend some of these crucial moments in our kids' lives...we don't get do-overs in life and I am so glad to have a darling husband who gets that NOW is the time to create memories with our last kid. The older two have since moved out and moved on...I only hope that they realize that while we were out celebrating birthdays at Six Flags, or Universal Studios or Disneyland and Disneyworld, and while we were taking trips to the zoos and museums and Science Centers and farms and going off on our adventures their Dad was home working his butt off making a living so we could do those things. Wow, this is getting too deep so I'm gonna quit blathering...and let you check out our fun fall festivities!

oh, Apple Annie's, I do love you so.

Orange Punkins...

Green, warty punkins...

Red Hot Chili Peppers...

and corn...we did the corn maze and had a blast!

we even met a fuzzy caterpillar along the way...sooo cute. The kid wouldn't touch it. Wonder why...oh, maybe it's because I said, "No, don't touch could be poisonous!!"

ahhhh...a field of lovely!

mmmm...peppers. I love peppers...

even the sun-dried ones...they go perfect in some Pozole!

Yay! The hubs got his punkin picked out. A practically perfect, round, non-dented or bruised punkin!

the kid just picked one that was large and heavy. here he is now asking me to bring the wagon over...just a sec, kid...I gotta get your picture!

oh how I LOVE LOVE picking my own apples. It totally reminds me of growing up in New York. My mom used to take us kids out to the farms and orchards...

and apple-y things. I basically love anything made from apples, but most especially things made from apples and cinnamon and butter...oh, and sugar. butter is amazing!

pahahaahaaa...the apple of MY eye! He would have a fit if he knew this was up on my blog...don't tell!

so, this kid is no relation...just some random kid walking through my shot while I was imagining an awesome photo shoot I could do here. Good thing he's cute cuz he basically made this shot for me...with his little arms all full of apples...I love it. Thanks, kiddo. Tell your parents I'm not some creeper taking pics of random children...

sometimes ya gotta just get right in there to get the good ones!

a good one. i ate it. right there on the spot.

** SIGH ** another lovely set up for an awesome photo shoot...

oooh, they look like some serious lacrosse players, or something. So intense.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...a few of my {new} favorite things

I love me some edamame, especially the organic kind from Whole Foods 365 brand. delish.

fresh-squeezed tangelo juice from my neighbors' tree branches that hang into my yard, which kinda makes them mine, but I asked nicely anyway. she said help yourself so we do. often.

the kid got this game for Christmas called it. a lot. especially these little guys.

just look how cute they are!!

...mmm and frozen blueberries...

and found items. especially ones with old lead paint. i plan to mount these on a plank-o-wood and use them to hang things from.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My NEW craftroom!

Yahhh...woooot! It's done! The hubs...that darling man...he masked, painted, installed the wood floor, put the cabinets back in, re hung the shelves and cleaned everything all up. Merry Christmas to me. Now I get to rummage through all my stuff and organize it all...NEATLY and colorfully...then time to start creating!!

Christmas 2010

my sissy...the most amazing person on the planet sent me these ginormous stockings years ago...they now get to adorn my front yard tree every Christmas season. The kid went out and hung them himself...I love that! Like I love this fog. We don't get fog very often in Gilbert so when we do, I take a picture. I have TWO fog pictures...

My Danae. She should totally be a fuzzy slipper model, dontcha think?

The girl got her some jammies from her grammie..

The kid got a BASS GUITAR! I love it. he's taught himself a few songs already...beginning with smoke on the water...yah...rock on witcher bad self...

The hubs...he got the most awesome scrapbook from his's amazing. His whole life story and generations and generations of photos and info and documents. Fantastic!!

he's the baby. he loves his mommy.

pahaha...the in-laws! Gotta love em!

Danae and her pressh!

 Santa says buh bye...'till next year!!

my three stooges...if you ask me, they're the best on the planet!!

spreading some holiday cheer thanks to

...and my pup...waiting patiently for his stocking...