Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

my sissy...the most amazing person on the planet sent me these ginormous stockings years ago...they now get to adorn my front yard tree every Christmas season. The kid went out and hung them himself...I love that! Like I love this fog. We don't get fog very often in Gilbert so when we do, I take a picture. I have TWO fog pictures...

My Danae. She should totally be a fuzzy slipper model, dontcha think?

The girl got her some jammies from her grammie..

The kid got a BASS GUITAR! I love it. he's taught himself a few songs already...beginning with smoke on the water...yah...rock on witcher bad self...

The hubs...he got the most awesome scrapbook from his's amazing. His whole life story and generations and generations of photos and info and documents. Fantastic!!

he's the baby. he loves his mommy.

pahaha...the in-laws! Gotta love em!

Danae and her pressh!

 Santa says buh bye...'till next year!!

my three stooges...if you ask me, they're the best on the planet!!

spreading some holiday cheer thanks to

...and my pup...waiting patiently for his stocking...