Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, I love my mac was a rough relationship up until about 2 months ago. crash reports, learning curves...the bill...but now, thanks to my friend, Raquel...I just fell in love with it overnight. it's magical, the things it can do...for example...this flyer: 15 minutes. done. and most of that time was trying to decide on the background paper. Anyway, I'm the Camp Director for my YW and in order for the girls to be able to go and have a ball, we need to raise some funds, so one of the gals in charge, Nicole Brown...hi Nicole!! asked me to donate a photo session. shoot yah! i need all the practice I can get and the more cute kids I get to shoot, the better. plus it's for mah girls, so i'm gonna bake some waffle cookies, too to sell off and i'm gonna slip the secret family recipe into one bag so maybe folks will be inspired to buy more bags o cookies...kinda like the golden ticket in Willie Wonka!!