Friday, January 21, 2011

It's official...

I've become "that cat lady". This is Vanessa. a.k.a. number 4. The hubs and the kid found her in a field all sad and abandoned with her face all scratched up. She's such a darling little thing and we love her. At any given moment I will look up and find some or all of my pretty kitties surrounding me like little sentinels protecting me from a variety of bugs and sometimes I think they see things that I don't see. Kinda creepy, actually. This one also makes a lovely's FREEZING back here in my spectacular craft room!! Not that I'm complaining, at all...!!
Oh and it's official also that I now love my Mac. Off I go to rescue the hubs...he left something at home that he needs for work.
MY FAVE OF THE WEEK! Look for it! Right here. Every Monday...I'll even go retroactive and pretend that I thought of this at the beginning of the year!! Pah! Till next time.