Monday, December 6, 2010

Mac Skin

Ha! So I was out camping and this dadgummed fly
wouldn't stop bugging me and then it landed on my white
truck and then cuz I had my camera in my hand
I took its' picture and it turned out pretty all-right
and so I've ordered it as a skin for my Mac buh cuz it's
getting all scratched up and I don't like it scratched up.


k, so I tried really hard to make my blog look purdy but it didn't work so much...blah blah blah. I'll give it another shot tomorrow but for now, FHE is on and we're reading scriptures about Jesus and his birth and his life and all of that wonderful Christmas-y stuff so we can all remember what the season is really about. This here's a pic of what the background was SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE. Wahhhhh...I love the red damask. It's ok...I like to learn and more often than not, it's via 'the hard way'.  :o/

Another family shoot

 Same location (Old Town Gilbert)
Different family. I hate to keep shooting at the 
same locations all the time but this one is
becoming my favorite. Maybe cuz DQ is just
up the street...? Maybe.

A family shoot-old town Gilbert

I got to do this shoot on my birthday. I love these folks.
They really are very sweet and were a ton of fun to shoot!
I found a few new action sets and got to try them out...waayyy cool!
Got 'em at Ree's website: