Monday, December 6, 2010

Mac Skin

Ha! So I was out camping and this dadgummed fly
wouldn't stop bugging me and then it landed on my white
truck and then cuz I had my camera in my hand
I took its' picture and it turned out pretty all-right
and so I've ordered it as a skin for my Mac buh cuz it's
getting all scratched up and I don't like it scratched up.


k, so I tried really hard to make my blog look purdy but it didn't work so much...blah blah blah. I'll give it another shot tomorrow but for now, FHE is on and we're reading scriptures about Jesus and his birth and his life and all of that wonderful Christmas-y stuff so we can all remember what the season is really about. This here's a pic of what the background was SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE. Wahhhhh...I love the red damask. It's ok...I like to learn and more often than not, it's via 'the hard way'.  :o/

Another family shoot

 Same location (Old Town Gilbert)
Different family. I hate to keep shooting at the 
same locations all the time but this one is
becoming my favorite. Maybe cuz DQ is just
up the street...? Maybe.

A family shoot-old town Gilbert

I got to do this shoot on my birthday. I love these folks.
They really are very sweet and were a ton of fun to shoot!
I found a few new action sets and got to try them out...waayyy cool!
Got 'em at Ree's website:

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Took a trip out to Judi and Al's and caught my first ever bolt of lightning. My darling husband is so patient with me...he stopped the car and waited 'till I got just the shot I wanted. Love that man. (gotta find the original and re-post...this is a low-res version copied from bad)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glow that you? you're not a Glow worm...just some creeper scorpion on my wall. Just LOOK at that nasty buggar...I had to get a shot to show how they glow under a blacklight...sooo creeepy.
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Prom shoot...

I like taking pics of feet...It's kinda my thing I guess...this here's Tay and Tate...what a coupla cuties. Can't you tell? Photoshop crashed again so I had to edit in Picasa...bah.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

So...with a broken ankle, me n the hubs took the kid up north to get all campy and...well...I just couldn't halp mahself...I went hiking! It was sooo awesome...until the wolves started howling and I fuh-lipped out and took off back towards camp. I ventured out at dawn and snapped this silhouette of the lovely trees. The foot's still broke, but whatevs, it'll heal and I'll be off hiking some more in no time! Oh, by the way...I'm entering this into a contest over at go(4)pro's prolly not your traditional silhouette, I kinda dig it...hope I win. I like winning. :O)
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just look at those colors!

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I chased this butterfly all over the camp site
trying to get a view from the front, but it just kept
turning around in's all-right tho cuz I
think he knew which side was his good side.
I love that bright blue!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sooo I got a new laptop to replace the hunkajunk that died on's a new MacBook Pro and I'm just getting used to it...I think I likey! It's fun playing around with Photobooth...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cool old barn window/shutters I saw when me and the kid went to see the "Ghost Town" at The Lost Dutchman State Park...I think I enjoyed the museum better...this place was a little too commercialized for me...and everybody just wants my money. But I want my money. Maybe I'll just stick to climbing the mountain.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lovin' the desert right about now!!! I think this was taken at Picacho Peak, too.
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Geoffrey and I hiked Picacho Peak last weekend and I got some purdy pics of some loverly desert blooms...
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