Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A NEW year!! Wooot!

So long 2010 and helllooo 2011. I wonder what's in store for me this new year. Last year was kinda rough...I started off with a trip to the ER because I passed out for no apparent reason. Did some volunteer work over at the hospital...LOVE it there. Then, I did some volunteer training at the Fire Dept. and broke my ankle. So dumb. It still gives me grief but whatevs. Then the hubs got sick with kidney stone issues...all the while the man-boy has given us plenty of reason for lost sleep. Not to be all negative...we've had a TON of fun this year...the kid turned 13 so I pulled him from school to take him out to Benihana for lunch. The hubs met us there and it was really fun. And speaking of school, the kid started middle school this year. Our darling daughter is still plugging away in college and givin' Gramma a run for her money! She's a good girl, and very strong-minded. She has her own idea of how things should be in her life and I love it. Also, we got our house painted and it looks AWESOME! We also re-did TWO rooms in the house: The guest bedroom, which is kinda beachy themed...blue on the top, tan on the bottom with a white chair rail in between. It's so calming and with the new wood floor, it looks so nice. I may just move in there. And THEN...dah da da dahh...my craft room is done, sorta. The wood floor is in, the walls are painted a lovely shade of gray which really makes the counters and shelves and the trim stick out...all I hafta do now is get all of my stuff in and organized and looking good. I got some kitschy things for decor and some spray paint in off-white, aqua, yellow and green for some fun accent colors. So priority one: Get organized...and thennnn...I can start with making crafty things! I can't wait to get it all done and start setting up photo shoots and stuff! Yah! Woot! Oh, but first I have some loose ends to tie up from last year and then off I go!!