Monday, January 24, 2011

Fave of the Week 1-24-11 totally gets this Fave of the week! Go to her website and you will be amazed at the stuff you can get for very little cash. for a little more cash you can take classes and learn how to create some pretty cool things. this is a banner that happened to be on sale (check the site on wednesdays for dollar deals) and i got it for a buck! Had the hubs print it for me at work and cut the bits out while watching the tube, assembled it and then created this little ditty outta the scraps plus one of those wax melting seal making thingies...and OMGeeee...such cuteness! Made a second one and they flank the banners.

So, the wax seal looks like a chewed on wad of gum...but it's still cute! More importantly...just look at that floor that the hubs installed in my crafty is right!

Yay! this is my foyer...what a happy little welcome home. The only bummer is that paint. this foyer needs a makeover...stat! (that's hurry in hospital talk...although, I don't think I've ever heard anyone in the ED say that...ever)

Bonus!! When you print everything out you get two pink, one red so you can alternate the colors, which gives you a second banner! This one is in the window in my awesome crafty room so you can see it from the outside front of the house! And Ikea...really...? Do you hafta make everything so awesome? The mesh curtains...$7 for the pair! One is here as a diffuser and the other is in the guest bedroom to keep with the beachy theme. Love and love!!!