Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a TRIP/FAVE of the week 1-31-11

So the hubs...he works at Bazzill and they go and do trade shows and stuff like that, so this one was at the LA Convention center. sad as I was that he didn't see my vision and agree with me that it would be a soooper fun trip for me n the kid to just take a drive out there, see the sights and have some fun. i agreed to stay home and tend to the laundry and dishes, and thought i might just get a ton of spring cleaning taken care of when to my shock and amazement and total bliss, he called and said they had inadvertently left the boxes of catalogs behind and needed them to be delivered that day! it was a friday...a really really good friday, so the kid happened to have a half day, which was perfection...and we loaded up quickly then headed out to la! yahhhh...wooooot...!! the kid got some extra credit for going to the museum of tolerance and writing a report and I got this awesome shot of the santa monica pier...plus, i got my wish...my FAVE of the week...for sure!!