Friday, February 25, 2011

fave of the week 2-21-11

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products...all of 'em!!

I love the Lemon Verbena Room Spray, the Basil All-Purpose Cleaner that I use in place of Mr. Clean for mopping and scrubbing the toilets...but this one here...the Honeysuckle Countertop Spray is by FAR the best stuff on this here earth...even the man-boy who probably doesn't do much by way of cleaning in his apartment (he's 21...not many 21 year old man boys do, I'd imagine) but even HE says this stuff is amazing, and we don't seem to agree on a lot of things these days, so if anything, this stuff brings families together AND cleans countertops! And that equals magic to me!! So far, I've only been able to find the Honeysuckle at Whole Foods. Wal-Mart has everything else. I bet it's online, though...