Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy, Tasty Chicken Wings it is: I don't like to cook. Baking is a completely different story...but cooking...can't stand it. Now, I've tried to like it, really. I even sold Pampered Chef for a while. My email for that job was cathyhatescooking@something or other .com. I figured if I could incorporate shopping and gadgets that would make my life easier I might like it better. Nope. I enjoy making salads but the hubs is a manly man...and I now have a man-boy in the house...who, at his last physical is now officially only one inch shorter than me...and well, they want meaty things. I do, too but I really like to go where my meaty things are already cooked and I don't have to see juices and raw fleshy parts...and the smell...oh my swannies...I can't touch and see and smell dead animal parts all at once. Makes me gaggy...I'll chop the veggies and set the table and clean the dirty dishes...all the days long...oh, and I'll happily make dessert! But the hubs...he loves to cook. Loves it. Looks for ways to perfect the recipes...tweaks this, mixes that...and actually likes it...sooooo...I let him. I'm a good wife that way. Give the man his joy, I say. So, one day recently...I was watching the local news and saw some random chicken wings place had burned down...bummer. Then I couldn't get the idea outta my head that I wanted wings for dinner and I was gonna be up at Scrapbooks, ETC anyway and could just swing by and grab a batch of wings for dinner! Love it when a plan comes together! 'Cept it was MY random chicken wings place that burned...MY random chicken wings place.

See it right there to the left of the Pawn Shop...and farther left of the Massage Parlor...with the boarded up windows. Yahhh...bummer for my little friend who always gave me an extra container of blue cheese dressing for no extra cost but who always reminded me that she charges everyone else 25 cents. 
"So what are we gonna do NOW?", exclaimed the man-boy. I bit my bottom lip, smiled and raised my eyebrows and nodded my head. We both knew what had to be done. 
I was going to make my own chicken wings, so off to Fry's I went, man-boy in tow...
and we bought:

1 bag-o-chicken wings pieces
1 jar of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce*
1 container of Chunky Blue Cheese dressing*
1 package of Celery
1 package of Butter*

Okay, lemme 'splain the * parts...Frank's Red Hot is a staple in my home. It goes on all sorts of stuff and I would have just used it for these wings, HOWEVER...I noticed that there was this new-fangled Buffalo Wings Sauce so I grabbed it...and then I grabbed Blue Cheese dressing...but some folks prefer Ranch Dressing...I do not. Use what you like. And the butter...well, when I got home and opened the Buffalo stuff, it was a little vinager-y to me, so I decided to soften that blow with some butter. Butter makes everything better. 1 stick was fine for the whole batch. 

So, after I took the chicken parts outta the bag with tongs, and set them on a rack in a lined cookie sheet (with a lip cuz the wings drip a lot), I baked them as per cooking instructions printed on the bag...then I turned them and cooked them for an additional 20 minutes cuz I don't like gooey animal fat. Period.

So while those were cooking at like 500* or something crazy like that, I got out a big ole bowl...that one is from Pampered Chef and it's huge and so attractive.

and I diced up the butter and got the sauce ready to dump.

And then when the wings were ready I tossed them into the bowl and cuz they were hot, the butter melted and they got all coated with yummy sauce...but...

they still looked fatty and not back into the oven they went...yep.

That's better. They cooked for an additional 30 minutes. Now, lemme tell you, these wings and parts were larger than your average wing shop, that's why they needed some extra lovin' from the oven. So they got tossed again and mmmm...don't they look so lovely?

Time for the celery...see that Lemon Oil? I use it to clean my produce...all of it. I fill up the sink with cool water and add a few drops of Lemon and Orange (I was out of Orange so just stuck with Lemon)...I swish the water and add my produce. The celery took a bath for about 5 minutes then got chopped up into some bite-sized slices.

ooohhhhhhweeee...ain't no thang like a chicken wang!!!
Not even kidding this was sooo yummy, and my men were happy! Most of all the hubs cuz he just got surgery on his knee and was sooo happy that he didn't have to stand and cook. I do love the hubs.

...and I love my new plate and bowl I bought just for Girl's post: Girl's Camp Stuff!

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