Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank you to those who participated.
Names will be drawn and posted tomorrow morning, July 12!!
Good luck everybody!!!

Hey!! Happy 5th of July everybodeeeey!!! Hope you all had a safe and joyous Independence Day!!

K, so, just so you know...I have some purdy awesome friends and with this little bloggie here, I get to make more and more every day, and that just makes me happy cuz most everyone in the Blog-mosphere is soooo nice, and so I thought I would share some niceness that has come my way with all of you sweethearts!!

FIRST of all, my friends at 

 ...only the most awesome scrap book paper and supply company, everrrrr...have allowed ME to offer one of YOU darlings a FREE admission to

What's that, you say?
Please allow me to re-phrase myself...

Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh!!! You guyyyyyzzz...somebody gets to go to CREATIVE ESCAPE for FREEEEEE!!! With meeeeee!!! K, so I'll be running around taking pictures and stuff, oh! and I get to teach a class with the hubs...sweet mama...but we'll meet up and I'll make sure you feel like a sooopahstaaahhh!! You just need to get your little self out here to Arizona, stay a coupla nights at The Sheraton Wildhorse Pass Resort and Spa and be prepared to have the time of your beautiful life crafting and scrapping and chatting it up with all the new friends you're gonna make there! 
You'll leave inspired and ready to take on the world!!
(sorry, AZ residents not eligible)
(travel and hotel accommodations not included)

SECOND of all, my friend at Provocraft sent me this sweet little dream called the

  Cricut Expression 2, 5th Anniversary Edition...

I'm not even KIDDING!!! I know, right!?! Awesomeness!! This baby comes loaded with 4 cartridges...count 'em, 4!
Other great features include:
Compatible with Cricut and Cricut Imagine Cartridges
Full-Color LCD touch screen
Mat Preview
Material Setting
Cutting Area Light
Longer Power Cord
and MUCH more!!

(sorry...shipping to US residents only)

Just look at it! It's beautiful, huh?

K, so want some details on how to enter?

Help us get to 100 followers...we only have 2 more to go...we're newbies still and 100 followers is awesome to us right now!! We'd love some more friends...wanna help? Tell your buddies about us.

**Leave a comment here on the blog with your email address and lemme know what state you live in
**Spread the word, baby!! Facebook, Twitter...etc
**Cross your fingers, make a wish...
 **Wait a week (July 12th I'm picking names, ready or not!!)
**Look for your name. 


So get on it, people!! Let's get this party started! Yahhhh!!!