Wednesday, August 31, 2011 I've had a few things up my sleeve and in my head for a bit and since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to just do it! Do it ALL!! And then I got a call and booked a photo shoot...for free. Cuz I do that from time to time. Here's hoping I get some publicity from it. So...since I can never seem to get a jump on things, I hadn't really started on anything...and lost half a day and still needed to make a dash to the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby..."It's your time" the hubs called out when I left. Yep. It sure time...and now it's all gone. It's practically tomorrow. I would say sorry, but sorry means I won't do it again. Chances are I will. So, instead of sorry, I'll just say sit back and enjoy the madness that is me...

Soooo...I used to make these for the Fourth of July when I lived in LaVerne and we had the parade pass right in front of our house...I miss that was like Mayberry. Anyway, I figured I could do the same thing but with different shapes. Here I have a butterfly shaped cookie cutter and about a yard of some plastic coated wire. Let me 'splain. Ace hardware used to sell this coated wire in a smaller gauge that was easier to manipulate. Ace hardware closed. The Home Depot pulled through in a pinch with a heavier gauge stranded wire that comes in some fun pink, brown, ivory, yellow, green, blue, red, happy. 'Till I started forming it. It's hard, but with a little patience it worked...EVEN BETTER than I thought. I started going for a butterfly...and got a bunny's how:

Make sure your ends are even, find halfway and start wrapping the wire around the cookie cutter (form)

Bend and shape it who's boss! Hey look! It's Garfield...

Bring the bottom of the shape together and give it a twisssst to keep it in place then check to make sure your ends are even again. If not, trim the long piece. This is when I discovered that if I just tweaked it a little, it could look just like a bunny...

Get your drill out! Pahahaha...Get your HUSBAND'S drill out and make sure the speed is set to low.

Open up the 'thingy that holds the bits' like: drillbits and screwdriver head bits and such...put the ends of the wires into that 'thingy that holds the bits' and tighten it up. Ya see that black piece? It turns to open and to close. Make sure it's kinda snug but not so tight that it'll leave a mark on your wires. Once it's twisted, it's kinda hard to trim.

And let her rip...but let her rip s l o w l y...I promise. You could hold onto the twist you made with some pliers. I used my fingers and it hurt. Not bad, but still. But watch's gonna want to un-spin a little bit when you're done. I guess this is where I should lay a disclaimer...wear safety glasses. If you're not handy with a drill, ask someone for assistance. Or, just be careful and do it's fun! And look at all of the fun I had! I used an egg shape, got a bunny out of a butterfly shape and a flower shape. Yay!

K, are you ready for more? Cuz I got more...we could just stop here...but why?
And why is bunny so happy? Just look at all the fun he's havin'!!

It's a my pretend table...the boys are asleep and the lighting is better in my play room anyway, so it's a tablescape on my play room floor. I hope you're good at pretend. Anyway, a long, long time ago I started to save some cans...and they sat in a heap in the garage. Then I got some spray paint and painted some frames and stuff and saw the cans just sitting a I painted them, too. And then they sat in a heap in the garage some more...'till today! I had a fun idea...tin can Easter baskets. I have some wire left and I've got the drill...I just changed the bit to a drill bit and drilled two holes...stuck the wire in and gave it a twist at the ends. You will not even be able to do that by hand, so to twist the wire, use some needle nose pliers. 

...and do do do dooo! Add some Easter basket grass, some peeps and other treats, set it on the table...OR...on a lovely little plate to make it feel special. mmmm's a party for sure!

awww...why so sad little Peep? Like I could even eat you now that I've seen how sensitive you are. Here, go hang out in a tin can with a pal.

Here's some more shots from the fake table party!!
Glass jars are so fun to decorate with, huh? I used a widemouth jar for the bunny scene. He got a new bow tie and everything! I just had to trim his chunky behind to fit him in there. Then I just filled a jar up with Strawberry Malted Balls...and I did eat some. Stuck it on a plate and added some Easter basket grass. Got a whole bag with 3 colors at The Dollar Tree.

Malted balls in a treat is next...
and some peeps in a nest made of that edible paper comes just like that and with some green bunnies...The Dollar Tree...gotta love it!!

k, here's how to make those daffodil treat cups...sooo easy!!!
Start with some mini cup cake liners in yellow. I tried pastel yellow but preferred the brighter shade of yellow.  And then I got a bundle of white flowers from The Dollar Tree and ripped 'em apart and saved just the petals.

On a non-stick surface like Bazzill's Splat Mat, lay one petal piece down and add a glob of glue around the middle. Then add the second petal piece so it fills in the gaps.

Add a glob of glue to the bottom of a mini liner and stick it right in the middle of the flower. Fill it with some goodies like Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Beans. Oh my Heavens. I'm not a fan of jelly beans, but these I like...

Whew!!! Are you tired yet? Well, you can rest now. I'm done...'till next time!!

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