Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I looked out the window and what did I see...?

...the hubs outside...planting flowers for me! Yay!!
K, so I was in my new playroom shooting this pic:

It's for a super cute tute COMIN' SOON...Springtime Wreath! Look for it in our CRAFTY THINGS page...
So, here's what I saw...the hubs...in all his Bazzill-softball-team-shirt-wearin'-glory. It's an all-guy team so we had shirts made up with all kinda sweet Bazzill paper names like: Sweetpea, Wild Pansy, Sugar Daddy...ya get my drift...my man, he's Hollywood!! Anyway, we've lived in this house for 7 years and for 6 of those years this little plot at the end of our driveway has been a dried up hunk-a broken sprinklers and rock, which has been kinda great for me cuz I usually wind up driving right through it anyway when I try to fit the big, white truck into my space on the driveway...but NOW...now that it's soo lovely, and the hubs got the kid to help, and they were both so precious about it, and they worked real hard in the hot, hot heat...I'll start parking on the other side of the driveway...hehee...

And here it is...ahhh so lovely. I {{heart}} mah boys!
oh...and looook...I made a BRUSH in Photoshop with the bloggie logo! Woot! 
I got a FREE Watermark action from MCP Actions that made it easy as pie! Check 'em out!!
Lemme know if you want a tute for that, too!