Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My new boyfriend...

This is Michael...we met at the Phoenix Zoo and stared into each other's eyes for quite some time when we first met face-to-face...we played rock, paper, scissors...his rock crushed my scissors.
Jayyyy kayyyy...but it IS Michael, the male Orangutan at the zoo. I took the kid to go see the new enclosure/habitat and it was AWESOME! We were so close to all of the 'tans...like a 2" thick piece of glass away and I'm telling you this right now...when one of these creatures chooses YOU to sit right in front of and stares right back at you, there's something that stirs the Soul...I dunno what it is exactly, but it's something tangible...you can just FEEL it...like a connection, or a sense of responsibility, or sadness...all mixed together. It was a beautiful moment.