Monday, November 16, 2009

No promises or anything...

K, so here I go...I'ma Blog now, just because Facebook simply doesn't do any kind of justice to those of us who have LOTS to say...I have a hard time summing up my daily life in 300 characters or less. Yah...
K, so the newest thing is this South Beach Diet I just started...I can totally do this thing...all of the allowed foods are stuff I like anyway...I even CRAVE salads and salmon and asparagus, so I'm good. I am not even missing my favorite addiction just yet...Dr. Pepper!! If any of you know me...I mean REALLY know me, you will also know that I am in love with my Dr. Pepper, so to give up my little fizzy friend, that's HUGE...BUT, then again so is my butt...due in part to my fizzy, adios to you, and hola to smaller pants and a better reflection in the hospital windows that I see my reflection in every Sunday (I volunteer in the ED...just in case you're new)...bah!
So, today I made a two egg + brocolli omelet (oh, comes a tangent...I froze my own brocolli!! so excited! I usually just stick it in the fridge and then weeks later when I smell something soooooper funky, I find it rotting in a drawer...but NOT this time...this time I rinsed it and chopped it and laid it out onto a really cool platter my mom gave me, which is also the only platter that fits into my freezer so the door can close...anyway, and it all froze and I bagged it and it was so simple...yet simply amazing to me...and I can eat all the brocolli I want to I tossed some into my omelet) K, so...mmmm...oh and plus I added just a pinch of cheese. LOVE IT!! And I can have my herbal tea, so I did...mmm hmmm...and I had a large cup of water 'cause I took my pre-natal vitamins (and ha.ha.ha. NO I am NOT pregnant nor will I EVER be, thank you very much...I just need to really supplement...or die from heart disease) :O/ oh, and I also slathered myself with some essential oils and I smell delicious...and I did my Liver Cleanse...which is mmmm yummay...a shot glass of lemon juice with one drop each of Lemon Oil and Peppermint Oil (go see to be AMAZED!!!) beans are ready...BRB...k, so I am making a white chili with white beans and chicken for dinner tonight...with a salad! I am soo glad I don't have to count points or calories or even mind my portions, really...I fully plan to eat until I am satisfied...
Anyway, I went to go take some pics for this blog but my batteries are dead...kaput, so I will add to this entry later with like a recipe for my soup and pictures of stuff...
So, off I go to throw away the left-over Halloween candy that the kids scored...NONE of us need it anyways and the fun has been had in collecting it, no guilt here! And then I get to clean out my entire pantry...not for the diet, but because it's an awful mess and I have a glass pantry door...and I embarass myself just walking into my kitchen...oh, and plus I've got a MASSIVE amount of laundry to do...gack...I HATE laundry...maybe if I had those new-fangled-type washer and dryers in some lusty hot colors I might get more excited, but...nope...absolutely NO excitement here...laundry sucks!
So, there you've made throught my first Blog entry...I'ma try to be good and keep it up and post cool stuff to keep you from falling asleep...but no promises or anything...I'm a busy, busy girl!! Peace out!!


Oh hey...why dontcha read the four gospels along with me? It's a good time of year to do's a handy reading schedule for you:
St. Matthew
Finish by Chapters
Nov. 6 1-11
Nov. 13 12-22
St. Mark
Nov. 20 23-5
Nov. 27 6-16
St. Luke
Dec. 4 1-11
Dec. 11 12-22
St. John
Dec. 18 23-9
Dec. 25 10-21

Don't sweat it if you're behind...I am too (I haven't even made it throught the first 11 chapters yet)...the very least we could do is try, right...

"We must know Christ better than we know Him, we must remember Him more often that we remember Him, we must serve Him more valiantly than we serve Him" Howard W. Hunter