Tuesday, November 17, 2009

happy happy!!

hmmm hmmmm hmmm...doo do doooo...that's me, oh so happy that I made it through two full days with NO sugar...period...it was harder than yesterday, I gotta say, but still...not so bad. I had the same egg and brocolli omelet for breakfast...just-a-'cause I liked it! K, then for a mid-morning snack, I chewed on some Pecans...and lunch was a Deeeee-lissshhhhuuusss tomato stuffed with tuna. No afternoon snack today...too busy designing Christmas cards with a client...YAY!!! Fun stuff for sure...plus I get paid...DOUBLE fun!!! And then for dinner, the kids wanted Goulash so I made it with some breakfast sausage crumbled up in it, and made a salad for me n the hubbs with just a bit of cheese, some chicken bits and just a bit of the sausage from the goulash...with some sort of Litehouse Basalmic Vinaigrette dressing and a side of celery and carrot sticks! BAM!!! Done! I hard-boiled some eggs but they weren't ready by dinner time and by the time I was done with dinner, I was just done...satisfied, so I'm thinking I 'll have a couple for breakfast...or one right now...I mean, I DO have to test them to make sure they aren't poisoned, right? House rule!
Yep, so I have a buncha photo shoots comin' up and 2 orders of cards to make...yee-haw!! Gotta go get me some beauty rest and get ready for the craaazzaaayyy day ahead!!
Oh, got some pics to come...promise...I'll even try to post stuff not seen on Facebook...just to keep you comin' back!!
Nite, my friends!